4 Things to Do in Traverse City in the Fall

Fall time in northern Michigan is beautiful and breathtaking. When the leaves begin to turn shades of yellow, orange, and red while encompassing the shoreline of Lake Michigan, there isn’t a more scenic and picturesque sight in all the state. The fall also provides people the opportunity to experience Traverse City while it is a little less hectic and busy. The summer season brings with it hundreds of thousands of tourists, so the fall is the perfect time to experience TC. Less busy, more maneuverability, and likelier odds to lodge at various locations.

There are a number of things to do in Traverse City in the fall. In fact, most of the activities below are more enjoyable in the fall than in summer either because they will be less crowded or because the cooler temperatures will make them more enjoyable.

Things to Do

  1. Food and Drink

Traverse City is a foodie town. With more restaurants than there are days in a month, you’ll be able to find something new each night of your visit. Ranging from sushi to steaks and barbeques and bistros there are more than meal enough options in Traverse City to satisfy everyone.

Of course, if you’re eating, you may want to be drinking as well. Traverse City boasts over ten wineries and over ten breweries, as well as two distilleries. Featuring some of the best Rieslings in the world, there is wine, beer, and liquor available for every palette. For more on food and drinks in Traverse City click here. (insert link)

  1. Old Mission Lighthouse

Way back in 1870, Old Mission Lighthouse began guiding mariners through West Grand Traverse Bay. Until 1933 when it was decommissioned, it led these mariners every night. Now, Old Mission Lighthouse is a tourist destination. Visitors of the lighthouse are able to walk through the lighthouse and tour it by themselves. Also by the lighthouse are miles and miles of walking trails. These trails provide an area for those who are looking to get in a good workout by running or biking or more leisurely trails for a family stroll. Learn more about Old Mission Lighthouse here.

  1. Golf

Traverse City is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in all of Michigan. You can’t beat playing on a course that overlooks Lake Michigan. With family courses like Bay Meadows Family Golf Course or a challenging course like The Bear at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, a top 75 public golf course in the country and designed by Jack Nicklaus, Traverse City has a golf course for everybody. Not to mention the great discounted fall rates.

  1. Downtown

The downtown area of Traverse City is one of the most fun and unique downtowns. Restaurants, bars, boutiques, and cool clothing shops line Front Street. Side streets up and down also provide these things, not to mention West Grand Traverse Bay is literally downtown.

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