Uno de 50 Jewelry

Uno de 50 jewelry. The perfect balance between daring and elegance.

Uno de Cincuenta (meaning “one of 50”) was born in Madrid in the late nineties, as a way to unleash traditional craftsmanship with a jewelry style that breaks out of the ordinary.

The brand’s first collections were limited to only 50 units of each design. This original concept and namesake still speaks to a commitment to quality and exclusivity.

Making Design an Experience

The search for harmony, balance, and perfection is reflected in each one of the pieces. Each piece both stands on its own and complements a stunning collection.

Unmistakable Style, Fundamental Craftsmanship

Found in global centers of fashion, championed by models that find comfort in being a little “edgy”, and crafted using traditional hand-made smithing techniques. Now available near you to unlock your unique style.


Creativity in its purest state is a design that blazes an unexplored path in the jewelry and fashion world. Uno de 50 empowers customers to freely express their personality and lifestyle.

Unique Style

Distinctive leather, Swarvoski® crystals, and hand-crafted alloy form organic designs inspired by shapes in nature. With two collections launched each year, style and emotion imbue a physical form of beauty as unique as you.

Free Spirit

Every single piece is a key to break the chains of the established. Unleash your personal brand, and differentiate yourself – with no apologies. Be a rebel, a rockstar, something funky and free.


Expert hands turn sketches into reality. Shaped-shaped pieces are plated in silver or gold and must pass strict control standards. All our pieces are handcrafted in Madrid to travel the globe, or just a night on the town.

Uno de 50 Inspiration

Designers begin the creative process with a theme that inspires each collection. Sketches develop the entire collection to capture the overarching mood.

Uno de 50 Materials

Unmistakable jewelry begins with the best materials. The use of unique alloys permits uncommon handcrafted quality. Materials like leather, Swarovski crystals, and pearls define the brand’s DNA.

Uno de 50 Casting and Shaping

Crafting and shaping begins with a very specific wax carving to replicate the design. Next, a mold is created to pour our signature alloy into. Finally, after pouring each piece is worked by hand to give texture and shape that’s true to the original design.

Uno de 50 Finish

After shaping, each piece undergoes a hypoallergenic process, 15-micron silver coating, and exhaustive quality controls. Finally, when the piece completes a larger design, these other elements are then assembled.

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