Pets and the Pandemic: What You Can Do To Help Their Transition Back To “Normal” Life

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives this past year and a half. This is not news to anyone. But did you know your pets are also affected? Our furry friends have grown accustomed to the constant presence of others around the home. While they have loved having their owners there to curl up and play with, and probably annoy, just a little, they have forgotten what it’s like to be alone for longer periods of time. As things are slowly re-opening and returning to the new normal, that also means back to the office/workplace for many people. To our pets, that means adjusting all over again, and that isn’t always easy. Keep in mind also, all the quarantine pets that only know the socially-disanced, at home world. Their submersion into a greater society and more populated areas may be overwhelming and stressful .Here’s how you can help them: pharmacist formulated CBD products! 

There seems to be a lot of hesitation regarding if these products are a good fit for your pet. We’re here to help clear that up a bit! The first question that pops up is, what is CBD? CBD is a cannabidiol, a natural compound found in hemp plants and in the body. It works with body and brain receptors to help with inflammation or swelling, boosting the immune system, appetite regulation, over all mood, anxiety/stress levels, sleep schedule, and much more! This applies to both human and pet users! Besides the fact that CBD works to promote a healthier, happier lifestyle, it is quite effective in helping your pet though times of stress, be that being alone, longer car rides, thunderstorms, or anything else that may be a little ‘ruff’ for them. 

All of our CBD products, for you or your pet, are American-farmed, independent lab certified, gluten free, vegan friendly, and either without or containing less than .01% of THC. THC is the compound required for the “high” effect. Anything containing more than .3% of THC is not allowed by the USDA to be sold as a CBD product. CBD provides the healing properties of the hemp plant without the “intoxicating” effect, and is completely safe and legal. 

Our products are here to help by easing the stress of everyday life, relieving anxiety symptoms, and helping you, and all types of your loved ones, live a more calm, balanced, and peaceful lifestyle. Come visit our downtown Traverse City location to learn more, talk with staff, and take a look at our products and dosage!